Monday, January 24, 2011

2010 : What I did !

This funny blog is just about to recall me what I was able to do.

I made a return to the source in Brazzaville, Congo

I host JCertif 2010 the biggest Java Community Conference in Central Africa. About 400 attendees. This was far from a “classic” event! It was a mix of technical session, life experience and a bit of an adventure. About 400 people from 6 countries (Congo Brazzaville, Congo Kinshasa, Togo, France, Canada and USA) attended the conference and classes.

I gave free Java courses and workshop. Really great !

and I came back to Quebec City (Canada)

I attended JavaOne and Oracle Develop in San Francisco

and I came back at home in Quebec City (Canada)

I went back to Boston enjoy the long-due weekend with my beautiful wife and visiting MIT and Harvard University

few days after Boston, Chrisbel and I attended Devoxx in Antwerp, Belgium. Very great Java community conference !

I got back to Quebec City to gave a talk on the future of Java under Oracle at «Le mois de la technologie» at Fujitsu Canada office of Quebec

À suivre...NEXT YEAR


Hervé-greg said...

I like these pictures. yes, it was a pleasure to learn with you in JUniversity!
it allowed me to clarify some things about programming with JAVA and if all things go well, it will be with great pleasure that I 'll join you again this year!

Courage and continues guy

Tiens je suis sur la photo; oui, c'était un réel plaisir d'apprendre avec toi au JUniversity!
cela m'a permis de clarifier certaines choses sur la programmation avec le JAVA; et si les choses se passent bien, ce sera avec un grand plaisir que je vous retrouverai encore cette année!

Courage et continue ainsi mon grand!

Hervé-greg MOKWABO de Kinshasa

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