Friday, March 16, 2012

AFRICA ADROID CHALLENGE : 3 more days to submit your application !!

Due to the great number of the submission, the web server of Africa Android Challenge was not able to contain all submitted applications because of lack of memory.
Accordingly, many participants have had difficulty sending us their (last minute) material.

In order to allow us (organizers) to make sure that all participants have completely submitted their apps and courses, we have decided to report the submission date for the 1st round from Thursday 15th of March to Sunday 18th of March 2012 at midnight.
Please sent your application at :
I urge you all to inform members of your respective communities as early as possible so they are aware that there is still a little bit of time to submit apps and courses.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Congo's deadly arms depot blasts

Donate to Congo :

@Leaders : please share this message within your communities

To all IT communities in Africa,
This is a great initiative from Lamine, the JUG Manager of Senegal

Many of you have probably heard this sad news from Congo, Brazzaville about the accidental arms depot blasts

Congo has just lived a sad experience because of a short circuit that triggered several explosions at a munitions depot.
However, as the Chinese say, next to each disaster is an opportunity.

In our case, this is a great opportunity to mobilize ourselves and show the world that Africa is not only hurt but also that she knows how to unite her forces to effectively assist her people.

What to do?
1. The simplest solution is to support our friends in the Congo by sending them aid
2. The most effective solution is to show the world what happened in Congo in recent days and convince the world to support and assist victims

It's very simple. If you read this email, you're probably an expert on computers, the Internet and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.. You also probably have access to Internet portals and blogs that have lots of traffic. Finally, you know influential people (politicians or media) that might get the message accross at high speed.

On my side, I created a web page that can receive donations by credit card. My company, FullSelf, is ready to offer the service without receiving any income. The only charges to the transaction will be transaction costs, such as fees from PayPal. Also, the web page in question shows the amount of donated online in live.

I therefore propose that you include a donation payment button on your websites (desktop or mobile) and share the message immediately. Indeed, every hour that passes is crucial because if we wait too long the world will not be concerned over the Congo anymore.

To include the button in your websites, use the following script:


<form method="post" action""><input type="submit" value="Donate to Congo" ><input type="hidden" name="token" value="43480"></form>

Once we are ready to dispose of funds, we will decide together (our community) which associations, individuals, or organizations may receive our funds.

Also note that if we can create an impact through this project, then we can become a major force when it comes to supporting the too frequent crises in Africa.

Finally, note that I have already dropped the first piece of the domino with a donation of $20 to support victims of Brazzaville.