Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Africa Android Challenge 2012

The Africa Android Challenge is an opportunity to discover the best developers and Android experts on the African continent. The contestants have an opportunity to create innovative applications and produce local "African" content. In addition, they can submit lectures related to Android on the Android Platform via the Google University Consortium Program.

This whole effort is community driven supported by Google and is a way to assure the long-term success of African developers invested in the Android application environment. We also expect that such initiative will lead to the discovery of unexpected, rich, and valuable local content and applications.

Rules of the competition

The competition is a two round process with semi-finals and finals and consists of the 2 following sections:

  • - Android Apps
  • - Android Courses

In the first round (semi-finals), participants compete by country as defined by the competition organizers. The winners from each section and each country graduate to the final round.

  • - Winners of Semi-finals will be selected on March 15 and will receive an Android device. Subsequently, they will have four more weeks to improve their apps and/or courses.
  • - At the end of the four weeks they will resubmit their apps and courses for a final review.
  • - The finalist from each section will win the coveted prize (an all-expenses-paid-for trip to G| [Country] event or Google University Consortium event in his region.

More details such as eligibility, rules, and conditions see here : http://http://androidchallenge.org/

Africa Android Training (Free live Webinar)

Just to let you know that, I started live free Webinar for Android Programing later last year under my new program called Africa Android Training.
The next Webinar (sessions 5 and 6 of 10) will take place this Saturday and Sunday via Webex or GoToTraining Tool.
About, 230 GTUGs (Google Tech User Groups) and JUGs (Java User Groups) members already registered from 15 Countries across the world.

All sessions are fully recorded and the videos will be published later.

How it works:
1. Sign up here: http://androidchallenge.org/index.php?option=com_forme&fid=4 (if not already)
2. Join the Africa Android Training group : http://groups.google.com/group/africa-android-training
3. An hour before training, click to this link and follow the instructions to reserve your place: https://student.gototraining.com/rt/530814866642544128 (if this link does not work, send us a message Skype: bonbhel)
4. Make sure your microphone, your Internet connection and your projector (if you are in a group) work well.

Next sessions (5 and 6) :
Session 1: Overview of the features offered by the Android API
Session 2: Installing and setting (Step by step) Create and run an Android application, the Concept Layout

Session 3: Menu, Dialog, Notifications
Session 4: Activity, Resources and Assets.

Session 5: Data Storage, Content Providers : Saturday - at 10:00 AM GMT (12:00 in Cairo, in Algiers 11:00, 10: 00 in Lome, 11: 00 in Kinshasa and Brazzaville ....).
Session 6: Multimedia (Audio and Video), Animation : Sunday - at 10:00 AM GMT (12:00 in Cairo, in Algiers 11:00, 10: 00 in Lome, 11: 00 in Kinshasa and Brazzaville ....).

Session 7: Services, Location and Maps
Session 8: Web services, XML, Cloud-computing
Session 9: Security and Permissions
Session 10: Testing, Publishing, Licensing