Friday, March 25, 2011

JUG-AFRICA at Googleplex in Mountain View !!

Last January I was invited by Google at Googleplex in Mountain View to meet with managers from Developer Relations Team to discuss about our annual event (JCertif 2011) and possible synergies between JUG-AFRICA and Google G-AFRICA. It was a great meeting with concrete collaboration agenda. Here is a summary :
Google Outreach ef
forts in Africa
  • University courses (we think Google should give this opportunity to local experts);
  • Local user groups;
  • Technology barcamps;
  • Competitions and coding challenges.
Working Together Possibilities (JUG-AFRICA - Google AFRICA)
  • work together on University talks;
  • Professional groups: look at joint meetings on Android, App Engine, GWT.
Concrete Next Steps (started!)
  • Share calendar of future JUG-Africa events (JUG-Meeting) with G-AFRICA manager;
  • Look for ways to collaborate on some of those events;
  • Identify key Java community members that we can get more involved;
  • Work together on University outreach.
We have conclude the day with a lunch that was disrupted a little bit by a fire alrme at the Googleplex' main cafeteria. Miam! miam!
Thanks Van Reper.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

JUG Africa's Silicon Valley tour at Oracle Headquarters

A few months back I attended the IOUC 2011 Summit (International Oracle User Group Community Summit) at Oracle Headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. This was my first time in the deep Oracle World.
About 15 J
ava leaders around the world attended the conference (Stephan Janssen, Daniel deOliveira, Van Riper, Dario Laverde, Bert Breeman, John Yeary.... and Bruno from SouJava who was nominate by Oracle to the JCP Executive Committee... Congratulations Bruno!) vs 140+ Oracle User Groups «President». To be honest, I was a bit suspicious about the Oracle UG communities which is Product oriented vs the JUGs Technology oriented.

But surprise !! The conference was a success on the whole. It was a really great event regarding organization, content and openness and the respect from each user group (Oarcle UG and JUG).
I was able to
share ideas with some IOUC leaders about running a UG Community and networking as well on what works, and what doesn't. All in a very casual atmosphere. For the JUG Leaders it was also the very valuable quality time to be together in the same place for 3 days VIP Treatment. I can't image how it will be when more JUG Leaders will attend this meeting!

My favorite sessions and unSessions :
  • 12- UnConference (a success !)
  • Overview of the Java agenda (by Steve Harris)
  • Additional contents for JEE 7 (Roberto Chinnici)
  • Usability tour in Oracle Headquarters
  • The future of JavaOne 2011 and 2011
What about JUG-AFRICA ?
  • Sure, we will present JUG-AFRICA at IOUC Summit 2011 (International Oracle User Group Committee).
  • We will volunteer to assist the JavaOne conference team 2011 and 2012
  • Oracle Technology Network will be the Platinum Sponsor of JCertif 2011
    (the biggest Java Community Conference in Cen
    tral Africa)
  • Oracle will send Speaker at JCertif 2011
Thank to Oracle Staff, Jeb Dasteel, Mary Lou Dopart, Justin Kestlyn, Nichole Scott, staff, and executives for hosting this great conference and for arranging my IOUC Summit experience.