Saturday, June 22, 2013

Africa Android Challenge (AAC) 2013 !

The Africa Android Challenge (AAC) and the GDG Barcamp season are over !
We are very excited and proud to share with you a glimpse of the impact created by Africa GDG Bargamp and Africa Android Challenge 2013 among Android and Java developers around Africa.
Our goal was to receive at least 50 Android applications for AAC. As it turns out, we have received over 210 apps, 170 of which were approved as compliant with AAC rules and regulations.
Some stats :
  • 4000 Android Developers impacted by the  AAC and GDG Barcamp events
  • 18 events in 16 countries
  • 40 participating developer groups
  • 30 speakers
  • 210 Android applications submitted
  • 170 Approved
  • 3 weeks of exciting Barcamps across Africa
  • 52 Android 4.2 ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Phone/Tablet distributed to the winners and the GDG/JUG Managers across Africa. 
  • 2 continental winners (one by section will) will received an all-expenses-paid-for trip to Google/Android or Community event in Africaand the Android 4.2 ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Phone/Tablet (the winners and destination and will be announced on July, 23)
Unexpected participants : 
Furthermore, we received submissions from unexpected regions of Africa such as Mauritania or Malawi or Benin and Botswana meaning GDG Barcamp momentum has truly become a panafrican event. This also allow us to identify new local leaders and potential GDG Managers.
Great stories :
  • As Organizers, we heard and read great stories that give you good reasons to want to do more.  For instance, we had a participant in Kinshasa who had to cross town after work looking for a place with internet in order to submit his app on time.  This is during a city-wide power outage. The participant eventually succeeded but returned home really late. 
  • In Senegal, the operator Tigo was so impressed with the developers that they surprised every one with the offer of 3 paid summer internships.
  • Two new Google Developer Groups will creation :
    • GDG Nouakchott in Mauritania
    • GDG Cotonou in Benin
The media loved it
The GDG Barcamp and AAC created not only an internet buzz. Many blogs written on the subject  but also a TV sensation.  In many countries, such as Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Benin, Cameroon the country's most popular TV stations filmed the events or interviewed the organizers prior to the Barcamps.  Hence, it was a great opportunity to show on TV that many "geeks" also exist in Africa.

What's Next :
The crazy AAC Team are already thinking about Africa Glass Challenge !  We started some Glass courses and training.
The heroes :

A special thanks to Emeka Afigbo, Marie Patriarche, Pieter Greyling at Google Developer Relation for the support and the event and competition guidance provided. The amazing AAC Team Lamine Ba (JUG-AFRICA and AAC Business Development Manager), cedric Atangana (Event Manager), Nsubuga Hassan (Community Manager) and Jean-Patrick Ehouman (Global Communication and Social Network Manager). They did a really great job. Thanks you so much guys!