Saturday, October 9, 2010

JavaOne 2010 : My experience !

This year I attended JavaOne for the second time. I had a JUG Leader pass from Oracle which gave me a full-access to all the sessions and keynotes from JavaOne and Oracle Develop. That matched exactly my personal and professional interests. I was able to attend many keynotes, sessions and labs.

Oracle has made efforts to impress the community… is they have been successful even if there are some things to improve? A big of one thing, was distances. As Guillermo mentioned, you had to basically run from one building to another for the sessions, and then run again if you wanted to see Oracle's keynotes at the Moscone. It was hard to make it on time to the keynotes!

Regarding organization, I think Oracle should be congratulated. Personally, I appreciated how Oracle staff and engineers were available for us Java Champions and JUG Leaders. And I enjoyed the User Group Sunday unconference where I proposed a couple of topics. I had a chance to meet with developers, architects and was able to put a face on a lot of the Java Champions and JUG Leaders whom I have been talking with for years.

About content, JavaOne and Oracle Develop 2010 have kept their promises according to many of the people I talked to. But one complaint was that there is nothing new on JSE and JME as well until Java 7 in 2011 and Java 8 in 2012. But in the meantime, it allows time to digest and explore Java EE 6, which makes some pretty nice concepts such as injection of the context and dependencies with the CDI Framework (So Bye Bye Spring?).

From now the question isn’t «When will JavaOne be back in San Francisco?» anymore but «Where will it take place : Moscone or far far away at the Hilton hotel ?». I think Oracle JavaOne should go back to Moscone.

In the end, according to all the issues since Oracle bought Java (Google, Apple, OpenJDK). My question is: Is Java too bigger for Oracle ?

PS: Thanks to Justin Kestelyn and Nichole Scott from Oracle community staff for their organisation of my JavaOne 2010 experience.