Wednesday, October 9, 2013

JCertif 2013 was a BLAST !

JCertif 2013 and GDays Brazza was once again a great success. Over 1800 Developers from 15 different countries (including 30 speakers and business representatives) turned this event again into the leading Developer Community Conference in Africa.

Audrey Ehounam (Google Student Ambassador from Abidjan) and Danielle Akini from GDG Douala  were among the featured speakers, inspiring women to find a technology they were passionate about and make their chosen careers. Just amazing !

The special thing about JCertif and GDays Brazza Team is that, it was composed of several GDG and Java User Group leaders from around Africa. 

We're still digesting the great number of (dis)like votes collected during the event !

The compete report and lesson learned will be available in few days.

Some stats:
  • Attendees for JCertif University and GDays for Dev : 1840 a day
  • Women: 105 (Thanks Audrey Ehounam Google Student Ambassador Abidjan and Danielle Akini from GDG Douala )
  • Sessions : 120
  • Speakers : 30 (including Business representatives ) 
  • Training days : 5
  • Conf Days : 2
  • Participating countries : 15
  • Participating User Group : 10 (GDG Douala, GDG Yaounde, GDG Brazza, GDG Kinshasa, Burkina Faso JUG, Togo JUG, RDC-JUG, Kin-JUG, Douala JUG, CongoJUG, Google Student Ambassador)

Noé was able to capture both GDays Brazza for Develpers and the GDays Brazza for Business experience, worth your time.

Also hundreds of pictures of JCertif University, JCertif Conference and JCertif Excursion (of course !) have been taken and shared on Google+, Facebook and other social media sites.