Monday, April 20, 2009

Oracle becomes Java platform owner !

Over my concerns about Oracle's intentions, I disagree with Dennis's article
Oracle-Sun: an enterprise catastrophe interpretation for three
Oracle will be great opening to win the confidence of the people. I am not convinced that the situation would have been better with IBM or Google. Many Oracle's competitors like IBM, SAP, HP have several products based on Java technologies. Oracle may face engthy antitrust prosecution if they close and costly platform.
And Java is now under the GPL. Nothing prevents IBM, Google or any other company to take this code and to change the platform by themselves.
Finally, Oracle already have a JVM with BEA acquisition year ego and did not need to control more Java.
I think Oracle acquisition seem like an attack against competitor Dell or HP. Oracle is buying mainly servers and OS to complete his integration.
(Credit to my colleague Frédéric D.)


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