Thursday, April 23, 2009

CongoJUG is already in SUN's General community incubator

I am very happy to annonce you that, Congo Java User Groupe will soon be included officialy in SUN's Java User Group Community hosted on We are already in SUN's General community incubator.

Bellow Eric's message.
Eric is an active member of JUG Comunity :

Hi Jean-Françcois,

I did already approve your project and place it in the General community incubator, as that follows our standard approval process
for new projects.

The next step is for the JUG Community Leaders to review the project for inclusion to the JUG Community, which is all
but a formality at this point considering the level of maturity your JUG already displays. When that occurs they will
move your project into the JUG Community space on

I would recommend that you log in to your project and begin to fill it with the content you'd like to share with your
fellow JUG members.

Best of fortune to you,

Eric Renaud

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