Saturday, December 10, 2011

WaSLA Project : Porting WebOS to Android as a Super Library ?

Now WebOS turn Open Source.
Why not to imagine something different ?
If you like this crazy idea or want to contribute, please let your comment.


Mark Murphy said...

Back in January 2009, I suggested that folk could create a WebOS compatibility layer for Android:

Now, since that time, WebOS got more complicated (e.g., C/C++ options), and I have never tried writing anything for WebOS. However, in principle, an existing HTML/CSS/JS-based app framework could be adapted to run on Android. A likely candidate partner would be PhoneGap, as the container for the WebOS apps and as the plugin host for whatever would be necessary to inject into the JavaScript namespace for WebOS usage.

bonbhel said...

I agree with Mark. Adapt the HTML/CSS/JS-based app framework for Android could a good first step

ranjini said...

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