Sunday, August 7, 2011

Java 7 Launch events in Africa

The month of July was a global gathering for all Java Communities around the world to say "Hello" to Java 7.
JUG-AFRICA also hosted multiple events to celebrate Java 7 (see the photos below). I have traveled in Africa to give technical Java7 talks and met with hundreds of vibrant Java and Android developers. In Dakar, Senegal (July 7), Brazzaville, Congo (July 9) and Kinshasa, DRC Congo(July 10).
Oracle provided the Java launch kits, which include a Java 7 technical presentation with detailed speaker notes, related technology modules, and T-shirts for JUG members. More than 90 JUGs have also accepted Oracle's offer to supply speakers including four JUGs in Africa (SeneJUG, CongoJUG, EgJUG, KinJUG and RDC-JUG).

The events where held in Dakar, Brazzaville, Kinshasa, Cairo, Abuja, Lagos, Kampala, Lomé, Accra, Ouagadougou and Rabat.

I'm very happy about the progress of Java in Africa and the collaboration between Oracle and the user community there.
Yes, I can agree on : With Java 7 event across the world, Oracle's demonstrated commitment to fostering strong and independent groups worldwide and to ensuring that the groups have a powerful voice.

Here is a list of most Java7 launch events that JUG-AFRICA managed.

FasoJUG (Burkina Faso) :
KinJUG and RDC-JUG sync event (DRC Congo) :
SeneJUG (Senegal) :
MoroccoJUG (Morocco) :
LagosJUG (Nigeria) :
Coders4Africa (Ghana) :
CongoJUG (Congo, Brazzaville) :
TogoJUG (Togo) :
MUFIX JUG (Egypt) :
UgandaJUG (Uganda) :
EgJUG (Egypt) :

I'd like to thanks Michelle, Cassandra, Ruth, Senja and Yolande from Oracle for the great support (Speaker/T-Shirt/Fund) and thanks for Simon Ritter who present Java 7 in Cairo and provided a very comprehensible technical material to our speakers.

À suivre....


Constantin Drabo said...

Very happy to see technology is on rails in Africa. Great job Max !

bonbhel said...

Tanks Constantin !
Java is gaining momentum in African. That's very exciting.
Max Bonbhel

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