Sunday, November 14, 2010

En route for Devoxx 2010 at Antwerp, Belgium

After JCetif 2010 at Brazzaville, Congo (Africa) and JavaOne 2010 at San Francisco, I'm packing for Devoxx 2010 at Antwerp, Belgium. It looks like it’ll be packed with a lot of interesting sessions and talks.

It will be a long trip from Quebec (Canada) to Paris via Montréal (Canada). Then I will get the TGV (train) at Paris Gare du nord to Antwerp via Brussels.

For the first time Africa will be represented at Devoxx, Chrisbel Malonga and I from Congo JUG and JUG-AFRICA are very excited and looking forward to meet to meet with developers, architects and the European Java Champions and JUG Leaders.

I have talk to some European JUG and Java Leaders like Antonio Goncalves from Paris JUG, Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine from GlassFich team (Java Rock star of JCertif 2010) and Stephan Janssen the founder of Devoxx, we will have a little Europe-Africa Java summit to share idea about Java communities and Java events in Africa (sponsors, speakers etc...).


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