Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oracle strategy for JavaOne/JUG/Java champion

I have participated in the conference call today morning lead by Justin Kestelyn and Mary Lou Dopard from Oracle about JavaOne and Java communities.

This is my understanding and what I heard.

JavaOne :
- JavaOne 2010 will still run at Moscone Center (San Francisco, Ca)
- No change on content (focus on Java technology)
– No change in process and revue
- CommunityOne still on the agenda
After 2010
- JavaOne will become a traveling event (China, Russia, India etc.)

JUGs and Java champion programs:
– The Java champion program will be supported and will not be merged with Oracle programs like ACE (good news for our Java champion Hakim…)
– The JUG program is still on the agenda, support will continue

- Only the logo will change, the content stays the same

What about Africa?
During the conference I asked if Oracle had plans for some Java or Oracle events in Africa. Justin’s answer was something like this: No plan for JavOne in Africa but we could expect some regional events in the next years.

What’s your feeling about that?

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